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HES 6 – Humidity Expert System

Humidity Expert System (HES) – 6 implements six methods to investigate the moisture content of solid insulation of cars / transformers:

  1. Method 1: based on measuring the water content in the oil;
  2. Method 2: based on the measurement of the insulation resistance of the windings, respectively of the tangent of the dielectric loss angle and of the relative dielectric permittivity of the oil;
  3. Method 3: based on measuring the tangent of the dielectric loss angle of the winding and oil insulation;
  4. Method 4: based on measuring the return voltage (RVM method);
  5. Method 5: based on determining the degree of water saturation of the oil;
  6. Method 6: based on the measurement of polarization / depolarization currents (PDC method).

Implemented application:

  • generates reports with the general data and the obtained results (with the possibility to choose the methods included in the report);
  • has the possibility to add a new method of investigation, within the same expertise.

Technologies used: Visual C++, Windows API, SQL.

HES 6 - Humidity Expert System