Over 20 years of experience in power sector! Technical expertise & refurbishing offered to hundreds of large power transformers and primary equipment of 110-750 kV! NOVA INDUSTRIAL S.A. was the official consultant of CNTEE Transelectrica, for the period 2015-2018, in the field of “Power Stations”, for the second consecutive time after the period 2011 – 2014! Our know-how, for your safety !


Online monitoring system of current and / or voltage transformers NOVA EMCSIT – TC / TT allows the monitoring of the state parameters specific to the equipment to which it is connected as well as the visualization and analysis of overcurrents and / or overvoltages of this equipment (called “events”).

The software system developed for the NOVA EMCSIT- TC/TT equipment includes the following modules:

  • client application for viewing analog and digital sizes (states): NOVA EMCSIT -TC/TT client;
  • event visualization and analysis application: NOVA EMCSIT – TC/TT – Events graphics;
  • application for viewing the history of the information registered in the database: NOVA EMCSIT – TC/TT – Size history;

The Visual Studio.NET 2008 programming environment and the Oracle 10g database were used to develop the computer system.

The NOVA EMCSIT – TC / TT Client module connects to the Oracle database at a fixed time interval (eg 1 minute) and displays on the user screen the status parameters as well as their values recorded in the database.

Like the graphical interface, the NOVA EMCSIT – TC/TT Client module presents information on:

  • the current condition of the monitored equipment (which may be good, bad or unacceptable);
  • date / time of the last package registered in the database and taken over by the NOVA EMCSIT – TC/TT – Client application;
  • monitored analog sizes (with slow variation over time):
    • currents on the 3 phases (IR, IS, IT);
    • voltages on the 3 phases (UR, US, UT);
    • ambient temperature;
    • SF6 gas pressure;
    • other sizes depending on the transducers that can be mounted;
  • as well as the monitored digital sizes (states);
  • the list of events registered in the database corresponding to the monitored equipment; etc.

The NOVA EMCSIT – TC/TT – Istoric module is intended to visualize the evolution over time of the monitored quantities.

The NOVA EMCSIT – TC/TT – Events graphics module is intended for viewing the graphs recorded following the occurrence of events at the monitored separator.

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