Over 20 years of experience in power sector! Technical expertise & refurbishing offered to hundreds of large power transformers and primary equipment of 110-750 kV! NOVA INDUSTRIAL S.A. was the official consultant of CNTEE Transelectrica, for the period 2015-2018, in the field of “Power Stations”, for the second consecutive time after the period 2011 – 2014! Our know-how, for your safety !


NOVA EMCSIT-S on-line separator monitoring system allows monitoring the status parameters specific to the equipment to which it is connected as well as viewing and analyzing the actuators of this equipment (closings and openings, called “events”).

The software system developed for the equipment NOVA EMCSIT- S includes the following modules:

  • client application for viewing analog sizes and digital sizes (states): NOVA EMCSIT – S Client;
  • event visualization and analysis application: NOVA EMCSIT – S – Event graphics;
  • application for viewing the history of the information registered in the database: NOVA EMCSIT – S – Size history;

The Visual Studio.NET 2008 programming environment and the Oracle 10g database were used to develop the computer system.

The NOVA EMCSIT – S Client module connects to the Oracle database at a fixed time interval (eg 1 minute) and displays on the user screen the values of the status parameters registered in the database…..

Like the graphical interface, NOVA EMCSIT – S Client module presents information on:

  • the current condition of the monitored equipment (which may be good, bad or unacceptable);
  • date / time of the last package registered in the database and taken over by the application NOVA EMCSIT – S – Client;
  • monitored analog sizes (with slow variation over time):
    • supply voltage drive device / drive motor phase R;
    • supply voltage drive device / drive motor phase S;
    • supply voltage drive device / drive motor phase T;
    • current phase actuator R;
    • current S-phase actuator;
    • current T-phase actuator;
    • outside temperature;
    • other sizes depending on the transducers that can be mounted.
  • as well as the monitored digital sizes (states):
    • open command;
    • close command;
    • CLP comands;
    • reservations etc.
  • the list of events registered in the database corresponding to the monitored separator; etc..

The NOVA EMCSIT – S – Istoric modul is intended to visualize the evolution over time of the monitored quantities.

The NOVA EMCSIT – S – Events graphics moduleis intended for viewing the graphs recorded following the occurrence of events at the monitored separator.