Over 20 years of experience in power sector! Technical expertise & refurbishing offered to hundreds of large power transformers and primary equipment of 110-750 kV! NOVA INDUSTRIAL S.A. was the official consultant of CNTEE Transelectrica, for the period 2015-2018, in the field of “Power Stations”, for the second consecutive time after the period 2011 – 2014! Our know-how, for your safety !


The equipment in the energy installations included in the maintenance program must be constantly monitored, therefore their rapid identification is imperative. Automatic identification solves inventory problems, and combining it with portable identification devices leads to an integrated solution that greatly improves the inventory process.

By means of the label scanning device, the bar codes are read and transmitted to the management application, installed on the laptop.

An elegant solution for some applications, chosen for this version of the computer system made by Nova Industrial SA, is to install a barcode reader using the modern connection method: USB.

How to interconnect the barcode reader

The signals read by the scanner are transmitted directly to the Nova BarCode software application and are treated by it as if they were entered directly from the keyboard (after installing the scanner driver or appropriate software – if necessary).

The specific management program collects (through a synchronization operation) the information acquired by the portable reader.

After successfully identifying an equipment, general information and test reports can be attached to it.

Equipment details

The use of BarCode will open to users the possibility to quickly access all the information about the equipment under its own management and to which it must be performed:

  • maintenance works;
  • preparation of test reports and verifications performed;
  • processing the results by comparison with the results from the supplier or with some previous ones;
  • saving the results of tests and checks on the laptop in order to complete the database;
  • printing test reports;

The application of this system of management and follow-up of the works requires an extremely low volume of investments compared to the realized profit..

Technologies used: Microsoft Visual C++, BD Paradox.