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Xb, Za additives / aditivi

Additives to increase the lifetime and availability of power transformers in operation.

Za and Xb additives represent one of the latest discoveries of the research activity carried out by NOVA INDUSTRIAL S.A., in collaboration with its partners.

Za and Xb additives are intended to improve the characteristics of the new mineral oil and those of the complex paper-oil insulation related to the new and operating power transformers, with a direct influence on their lifespan and availability.

Additive Xb stabilizes transformer oil in terms of polar character, reduces the negative effect of oil polarity and static electricity on the insulation parameters of the transformer, on the reliability and availability of the transformer in operation.


  • Za additive is an antioxidant additive that substantially improves the lifespan of non-additive oils;
  • For example, in TR 30.01 oil, an addition of Za additive between 0.25% and 0.40% by weight causes a 3-8 times increase in oil life (in terms of oxidation stability), without adversely affecting the other characteristics of the oil or solid insulation. The result is that, implicitly, the lifespan of the complex paper-oil insulation in the transformer will also increase;
  • The influence of Za and Xb additives on transformer mineral oils (oils type TR 25 A, TR 30.01, GK, Shell, etc.) has already been investigated (more details …);
  • Together with the additives Za and Xb (which are delivered in a concentrated additive + oil mixture), both the oil analysis reports, with and without additive, and the additive technology are handed over to the beneficiary;
  • No additional technical means are required for this technology;
Xb, Za additives / aditivi