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Equipment for online monitoring of isolated high voltage bushings

The NOVA SMT 5 equipment is intended for on-line monitoring of high-voltage isolated bushings related to power transformers and shunt ballasts in operation, ensuring real-time assessment of the insulation status of monitored bushings and the need for off-line measurements.

The progressive degradation of the monitored isolated bushing insulation can be controlled safely, and the replacement of the insulated bushing with insulation deficiency can be postponed until the scheduled corrective action is performed efficiently.

Online evaluation of the state of the isolated bushings: NOVA SMT 5 continuously monitors the leakage current through the dielectric of the isolated bushing, the sum of the currents through the three isolated bushings of the same three-phase winding of the transformer, tangent of loss angle / power factor between leakage currents through each pair of isolated bushings of the same three-phase winding of the power transformer. Monitored data can be displayed locally or remotely.

The alphanumeric display of the NOVA SMT 5 indicates the set of isolated bushings at which the monitoring is performed and the measured values.


  • Electrical inputs: 3/6 current inputs;
  • The resulting current measuring range: 0 – 200 mA, in 2 self-adjusting scales;
  • Accuracy: current 1% of reading, 0.25% of scale; tangent of dielectric loss angle 0.5%;
  • Resolution: 13 biti;
  • Sampling rate: 100 Hz;
  • Selection of the current level for alarm and protection, respectively of the protection actuation time: from the keyboard.

Identification of faults at isolated crossings in their incipient phase: NOVA SMT 5 identifies abnormal states of monitored isolated crossings, anticipating the occurrence of serious defects.

Priority alerts: NOVA SMT 5 issues alerts depending on the critical levels of failures, being a useful tool for risk management. The selection of the corresponding current value for each alert and protection level (signaling / alarm, tripping), respectively of the actuation times, can be made from the front panel.

Easy to use and easy to install: NOVA SMT 5 is a device that requires minimal time and resources for installation.

Robust and reliable: NOVA SMT 5 is designed and built to operate in the electromagnetic field and in the environmental conditions characteristic of transformer stations.

A NOVA SMT 5 device can monitor one or two three-phase switch sets of the same power transformer.