Over 20 years of experience in power sector! Technical expertise & refurbishing offered to hundreds of large power transformers and primary equipment of 110-750 kV! NOVA INDUSTRIAL S.A. was the official consultant of CNTEE Transelectrica, for the period 2015-2018, in the field of “Power Stations”, for the second consecutive time after the period 2011 – 2014! Our know-how, for your safety !

PD-TM500A (PowerPD)

On-line diagnosis system of electrical equipment (transformers, encapsulated electrical equipment) by monitoring partial discharges – mounted type.

The PD-TM series – mounted type (500, 1000, 1500) – includes on-line diagnostic systems of electrical equipment such as transformers or encapsulated electrical equipment, which has the ability to detect and analyze the signal source and monitor continuously the partial discharge signals that occur in electrical equipment.

The systems also include a software program that allows access to the equipment remotely (Internet).


  • Continue online monitoring;
  • Simultaneous measurements by sensors for acoustic emissions (AE) and high frequency current transducers (HFCT);
  • Measurements of partial discharges in the form of a wave, search and analysis of the signal source;
  • Protection against damage to transformers, circuit breakers or encapsulated electrical equipment;
  • Partial discharge pulse counting;
  • Detection of the minimum partial discharges;
  • AE: 20 pC, HFCT: 5 pC.