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Equipment for the condition monitoring of the rubber bag used in the oil preservation conservators .

NOVA-M is a device capable of detecting the rupture of a polyamide membrane or bag at the oil conservatories of power transformers and shunt ballasts.

The NOVA – M device consists of an optical sensor that must be mounted on the membrane or inside the polyamide bag (on the air side) and a module located outside the conservatory. The sensor is equipped with an LED and an optical receiver circuit. The unit also has a potential-free contact and two LEDs, one to signal the rupture of the membrane / bag and another to signal the operating status..

The operation of the detector-relay is based on the principle of light reflection. When there is no oil, the light produced by the emitting LED is completely reflected internally by the capsule dome and fully captured by the optical receiver. If the oil covers the capsule, the reflection effect on the dome changes.

The rupture of the membrane / bag causes the dispersion of a part of the light emitted in the oil, the amount of light that reaches the optical receiver being reduced. This change in light reflection induces the imbalance of the coupling circuits and the actuation of the contact signal.

The outdoor unit is powered at 12V and generates a unified current type analog signal and a digital one for warning and alarm..

This device can be connected to various constructive types of online transformer monitoring systems.